Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Friday Facts and Happenings

1. Grayson ate pretzels, fish sticks, applesauce, and a small cookie for dinner. So far going Gluten-Free is working. Small worries about him also being allergic/intolerant to rice, but trying to take it one step at a time :)

2. Thursday marked day 42 of my Run Streak. I have clocked at least one mile 42 days in a row. Hoping to continue my streak until I officially start training for my half. That training plan starts in April.

3. Today will mark 2 weeks in a row that I easily surpassed 20 miles.

4. My research class is a killer. The amount of sleep I get at night is definitely decreasing.

5. Griffin recently read aloud the book Super Fly Guy. I had to help him with a word here and there, but he read most of it.

6. Hunger Games (the movie) comes out one month from yesterday. I. cannot. wait.

7. My baby turns three years old soon. My baby. Sigh.

8. I absolutely love my Kindle. The only downfall...I can't read in the bathtub. It would only be a matter of time before I dropped it.

9. I took a Tabata class last night. Super fun and such a great workout.

10. I will attend my third Zumba class tonight. Not the greatest workout for me, but it is SO fun.

11. Brandon is working an insane amount of hours right now. I don't know how he manages to function, yet somehow he keeps putting in 14+ hour days.

12. Currently, my church is doing a series called "Raising Amazing Kids." Definitely taking away nuggets of information.

13. Life is full. Life is hectic. Life is GOOD.

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