Thursday, July 7, 2011

Closing in on Week 6

I just finished my 6th week of Official Training for the Minneapolis Half Marathon. I cringe putting this picture up, but it shows the real me after a HARD run. I run four days a week, and Thursdays are designated HARD days. Today was no exception. I ran my very first ever four mile0 "tempo" run. I did a little research into how to get faster for race day, and many different athletes advocate for tempo runs. Basically I ran one mile at an easy pace, two miles at a fast pace, and then one mile at an easy pace again. Normally I alternate every two to three minutes on my hard days, but I think it is messing with my long runs. After purchasing a GPS watch, I noticed that I can't keep a pace for the life of me. I always knew pacing was my weakness, but I didn't really know how bad it was until I got my watch. So, today, I tried with all my might to keep a consistent slow pace and then a consistent fast pace. It was hard, and my legs feel like jello, but I did it! This picture was snapped right after :)

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