Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Pictures and Updates

On Grayson's actual birthday, we had two mini-celebrations. Henry, Ella, Isabel, Emma, and Addison all joined Grayson and Griffin at Pump it Up for a bit of pop-in playtime. After some energy was released, we all headed back for some lunch, cake, and a bit of Wii fun. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the kiddos play, and it was great catching up with the adults.

After nap that day, we headed down to the Mall of America. Kids get free unlimited ride wristbands on the day of their actual birthdays, and because we got there around five, we were able to purchase one for Griffin at a discounted price. I was AMAZED at how much Grayson enjoyed the rides. I was nervous he was still too little, but he had a blast. It was fun to see the pure joy on his face.

On the following Monday, Grayson had his two year check up. He wasn't due for any immunizations, but they did draw blood to check for lead levels. Not Fun. We also found out that since December, he has slowly dropped in weight. He is only down 10 oz., but considering he is so small to begin with, it is a little worrisome. While we thought we were done seing the GI specialist and nutritionist, our regular doctor suggested we go back in for another visit. To put all of this in perspective, Grayson is five pounds lighter and 2.5 inches shorter than Griffin was at his two year check-up. I am not overly concerned about all of this, which is a nice surprise. Grayson sleeps well, he doesn't seem to be in any pain, and he is meeting all of his developmental milestones. If something is still off with his tummy, I trust the doctors will figure it out. In the meantime, I will enjoy that I have a tiny little man to cuddle with:) On a positive note, we did find out that Grayson doesn't need to have a surgery that was possibly in his future. Finally, the Dunigan Boys get a break!

Enjoy the pictures!

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