Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fleeting Moments

Tomorrow is August. My summer is almost over. Griffin is almost four. Grayson is getting bigger by the moment. My heart aches.

I cuddle as often as possible because I know one day they won't want to.
I tell them how special they are to me, even though words don't do that justice.
I explain how proud I am to be their mommy because the two of them, along with their dad, make my life complete.
I give kisses and hugs because I want them to feel how much I love them.
I wrestle because I love to hear the giggles that ensue.
I let them jump because I know their hearts long to fly.
I take pictures so that I will always remember.
I pray because I want them to become Godly men.
I try to take away all of their pain, but I fail because I know only Jesus can do that.
I cry because I know that these precious moments are fleeting.

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