Monday, February 8, 2010

It's official...

I am going back to school! Well, once I get accepted, anyway!

After researching different doctoral programs, Bethel University seems to be the program that appears to almost be tailor made for me. In addition to getting my Educational Doctorate, I will also receive a Post-Secondary Teaching Certificate. In essence, 20 credits of my 61 credit program are designed to prepare me to teach adult learners. Considering my career goal is to one day be a professor and work with pre-service teachers, this is exactly what I need! I am also intrigued by the fact that about half the classes are taken online through Blackboard or Moodle. I believe we are in a transitional phase with technology and education, and I am psyched to be a part of online classrooms. Furthermore, Bethel provides me a program that develops both my academic career and my faith walk. I am thrilled to be a part of a cohort where all my fellow students and professors share my same values and beliefs.

I know, I might be a bit crazy, but I truly think the timing is right. After speaking with many people with older kids, their advice was to go back to school now. The longer I wait, the harder it will be for many reasons. First off, Griffin and Grayson still nap during the day, and they also go to bed at a relatively early hour. This gives me time to do homework without having to disrupt their day, and it minimizes the amount of times I have to say, “Not now honey, Mommy has to do some homework.” I also don’t have to worry too much about their extra activities. Currently, Griffin is signed up for some sort of activity one day a week. When he and Grayson get older, they will conceivably have many more commitments. I would hate to miss a tennis match, football game, etc. because I had class. Because my program will take about four years to complete, I need to start NOW! So, wish me luck. While I am excited, I am also a bit nervous. I am not na├»ve; I know this will be time consuming and difficult. Starting next month poses challenges with child care because we are still in the middle of tax season, and I know there will be times that I have to sacrifice spending time with Brandon and the kids. But, I am confident that one day I will be a professor, and this is the path that leads me there.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations, as I'm sure you'll get accepted. I hope your first classes are online, being in tax season and all. -cait