Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday, Griffin!

On Thursday, my first-born turned 3.5 years old. We celebrated with his favorite treat---sprinkle cookies from Target. Sometimes I can't believe he is only three. Other times, I can't believe he is already three and a half. Time flies!

As I have said before, Griffin is the best big brother one could ever ask for. He is a big help with entertaining Grayson, and he is always right by his side the minute he starts to fuss or cry. He does like to rough house a little t0o rough every now and again, but hey, he is a boy! He continues to LOVE reading, which is just fine by me. Currently, his favorite book is Dinosaurs Love Underpants. We found that he learns letters best by association. As of late, he knows the letter G because of Griffin, E for Ellie, H for Henry, S for Samuel, N for No, and D for Dinosaur. He is also really into sports! If we let him play more often, I think our house would be destroyed by his bat and his ball!

Cheers, little man! We love you:)

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