Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eight months ago...

On this day, eight months ago, I held Grayson for the first time. After a stressful few months worrying about whether or not he was going to arrive super early, his birthday finally arrived, and a beautiful, healthy little man was placed in my arms.

To keep the stress theme going, Grayson decided to give us all a run for our money the last few months. Besides learning to crawl and cutting four teeth, he decided to keep us on our toes by becoming a finicky eater and no longer acting like his laid back self we had grown to love during his first four months of life. Well, thankfully, a whopping four months filled with tears and screams later, we have all biopsies and test results back confirming a severe case of acid reflux. (I still don't quite understand how a piece of his esophagus can show he has bad acid reflux, but it did.) Thankfully though, over the last week, we have definitely seen an improvement in behavior and an increase in milk intake, so the Prevacid is working. He still does not eat as much as a "normal" baby should and remains a bit smaller than most his age, but he is definitely gaining weight and meeting all of his developmental milestones. Plus, our precious little man is MUCH happier. So, the doctor told us today that from here on out, we should see continued improvement.

Brandon and I are continually in awe of both boys. I am amazed that Grayson is already 8 months old and moving freely about the house. I try to find delight in all the little things these days because I know in a blink of an eye, both will be off to college!

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