Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Busy Life

Cuddling with Jenn

Learning to golf...

Playing dress up...compliments of daddy :)

So strong

Anna and my boys

I apologize for the delay in posting, but going back to work has eaten up just a bit of my time! Although I hate leaving Griffin and Grayson during the day, I am at least blessed with a job that I truly love doing. My students make my day, and I do look forward to teaching them...once I get out of the house at least:)

Since I have been back at work, a few more people have come to visit. Grayson got to meet my friend Anna the day before I returned to the classroom. Anna and I met in college through FCA and diving. We were also blessed to have lunch with Brian and Steph before they made their big move back to D.C. I am so incredibly sad to see them go to D.C/Venezuela, but I know that this is a chance in a lifetime for the two of them. My best friend from high school came to visit also. Jenn leaves in a few short weeks to serve our God in Africa, so she came to spend a few days with us before her departure. Her visit included a short run outside (my knee doesn't quite function well yet), our family's first full trip to Costco, and a private car ride for Jenn and me to catch up just the two of us!

My two boys have also been enjoying some quality time with Grandma LAURIE!!! To help ease my transition into work, my mother came to live with us for a bit. She will be here until school ends so that I don't have to put Grayson into day care until the fall. I adore our day care provider, and I know that she would have done a fabulous job, but it is nice to know that Grayson is at home enjoying his grandma while I am at work. It was also fun spending Mother's Day with my boys and my mother.

With spring here, we have been enjoying the outside. Walks to the park happen daily, and Griffin has begun "golfing." Last night also brought forth my first full night of sleep. Although I am sure it was a fluke, Grayson slept just shy of 8 hours last night! Here's to hoping it happens a little more frequently:)

In the upcoming weeks, a few more milestones will occur, and I promise to post! Grayson has his 2 month check-up on Monday, I participate in my graduation from my Masters program next weekend, and school will be done for the summer in less than four weeks!!! I am psyched to spend my first summer free from work or grad school! Just me and my boys:)

Enjoy the pictures!

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