Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Griffin!

I have been pretending this day wouldn't come for weeks. Each birthday signifies that another year flew by, and I just have a hard time accepting that fact. How in the world are you going into 4th grade? Seriously, you were just born YESTERDAY!!!

Griffin, I write this post TO YOU because I know that soon enough you will be old enough to start reading this blog. You already enjoy the occasional scroll through my Facebook account, so it is only a matter of time before you start looking through this :)

It's hard to put into words how very proud I am of you. You are growing up to be more kind and compassionate than I ever hoped you to be. You love school, your brother, and anything that involves competition (wonder where you get that from?). You are more wise at 9 than most are at 30. And I am lucky to witness it.

Reading has been a passion of yours for a while, and this year has been no exception. You officially reread each Harry Potter book this year, and you are on Book 7 of How to Train Your Dragon. Sometimes I worry you read too fast, but you are always entertained :) Currently we are reading Wonder together; I am so blessed to be able to spend all summer with you, so we get to read it together often in the mornings. I am sad that we go back to school in just three weeks! Academically, you really took off this last year in math. Reading has always come naturally to you, but it appears that you might actually be better at math! This means Dad wants you to be an accountant, but somehow I know that is highly unlikely. Speaking of careers, you have oscillated between wanting to be a police officer and a teacher for quite some time. Recently, though, you announced that you want to work for Team World Vision when you are older. Dad and I agree that this is a perfect fit for you :)

This year you asked to go to Feed My Starving Children for your birthday party. How could we say no to that? So, next week, you will pack some meals with a few friends and have your VERY first sleepover! Technically we have had sleepovers with cousins and the Scalias, but this will be your first friends sleepover.

Tennis and running are still tied for #1 on your sports list, but you are going to play on your first soccer team this fall. I am not quite ready for anything that commits us to 3 days a week, but I really think you are going to love it. Running with you is still one of my all-time favorite activities. Now that you have your own GPS watch (birthday present this year), I can only imagine how much more competitive you are going to be with me! You have been staring at that watch since the moment you put it on :) You play football at recess, and you love the Green Bay Packers, but I don't see you playing any formal football soon.

One of my favorite things about being your mother is watching you take care of your little brother. The two of you can fight like the best of em', but at the end of the day, the two of you are the BEST of friends. You constantly have his back, and you often give something up to make him happy. This selfless love simply warms my soul.

I know I tell you this all the time, little man, but I am so very blessed to be your mommy. I cannot wait to see all that God has planned for your life. Dream Big. Be Bold. Love others.

I love you to the moon and back! Forever and a day.


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