Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jump to It (10K and Kid's Run)

I was dreading this race all week. The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain. I can handle rain in the summer, but rain in the cold is absolutely miserable...especially for 6.2 miles!!!

When we woke up, it was a COLD drizzle. I made the decision to go to the Kid's run, but I figured I probably wouldn't run my race. I love to run. I do not love being miserably cold and wet.

We arrived to get our packets. Still raining.

Right before Griffin's race, it started to stop. I was also told that the course was being altered due to some construction. Rather than one large loop, the 10K runners would simply run the 5K loop twice. I made the decision to run; I figured if the weather got worse, I would just drop out of the race at the 5K mark. No big deal.

Well, thankfully the rain stopped and held off. Griffin got to run rain free and won :) He was stoked!!! I got to run the entire 10K and PR by THREE MINUTES!!! My final pace was an 8:12, and I was beyond thrilled. Apparently knowing that I can't let my brother demolish me at the Disney Half Marathon has forced me to step it up a notch :)

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