Monday, May 6, 2013

Doctoral Course Work : COMPLETE!!!

I just submitted my FINAL paper for my LAST doctoral class!!! There is definitely a dance party about to start in the Dunigan House. (Please note...said dance party lasted for over a half an hour. Brandon watched while the kid's stayed sound asleep. But hey, you better believe I danced away!)

As soon as I hit send, I sent an email to my program director asking for more guidance on the process to complete my dissertation. I have part of it (67 pages) already completed, and I wanted to set up a timetable with Bethel to keep me going. I absolutely REFUSE to be part of the 50% of people who complete their doctoral coursework but never get the degree because they don't finish the dissertation.

Within minutes, Dr. Paulson called me on the phone to chat. Talk about customer service!!! We set up a time table, and he sent an email contacting all the necessary people. I hope to submit my final proposal to IRB and start my actual research in June. I hope to defend in December or January; this puts me at a May Graduation date.

This journey has been similar to parenthood...the days and weeks can be long, but the years have gone by quickly! Thanks to an incredible support system of family and friends, my journey to becoming Dr. D is almost complete!

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