Monday, January 28, 2013

Like Mother, Like Son

Griffin definitely takes after me. He is determined and VERY competitive. At the beginning of the year, he discovered that a couple of kids in his class were already reading chapter books. He was bound and determined that he would eventually do the same. At the start of the year, his DRA level was at a 12. He was just retested at a 20, and he is starting to read small chapter books. He can even read (although choppy at times) Junie B. Jones, and he is SO PROUD OF HIMSELF when he can tell me what the chapter was about. Knowing this affirms that we made the right decision to send him to school with an early birthday, but I also love knowing that he LIKES school and wants to learn as much as possible.

His competitiveness spills over into sports as well. He is dead set on being a tennis player like his father. The major thing he wanted for Christmas was a tennis bag, and he thinks it is pretty cool to have shoes he can only wear for tennis lessons. We were fortunate to find a tennis program this fall that takes place in a tennis bubble; it has the added bonus of being run by a former Gustie! Griffin has blossomed, and it is super fun to watch his determined face when learning new drills. We just left his tennis lessons, and the coach stopped me at the end to tell me he wants Griffin to register for the next level. He is technically supposed to be seven in order to do this, but the coach said Griffin is ready for the challenge of the next level. Griffin couldn't wait to call Brandon at work to tell him the news, and the smile hasn't left his face.

It is no surprise to many of you that God has gifted me with more determination than I think I need, and I have "earned" competition as my #1 strength three times through StrengthsFinder. At times being competitive can be seen as a fault, but it has served me well in life. It makes me smile to see that Griffin was most likely given the same gift.

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