Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Time

Saturday was hard. I was without Brandon all Friday night and all of Saturday. By 3:30 I needed a break, but there wasn't one in sight. I try so hard to be present with my kids and not let my jobs and homework take over. It was hard to stay focused on Saturday knowing in the back of my mind I had a million things to get done. Add in the fact that my kids were whiny and argumentative, and I was one crabby momma.

I refused to let it happen again on Sunday. I woke up refreshed because Brandon let me sleep in. Any time crabbiness seemed to creep its way into my mind or my kiddos, I blasted "Good Time" by Owl City. Pretty sure we had a dance party to that song at least 20 times, but hey, it worked :)

Some times you just have to MAKE it a good day.

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