Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thank You EBC

Last weekend at church, Kid-O-Deo started a Clean Water initiative with the kiddos. Griffin came home with a water bottle that he was supposed to fill with coins and such to bring back to church to donate. The money collected will be given to Healing Haiti and World Vision to support efforts to bring clean water to Haiti and the Horn of Africa. The kids were encouraged to consider donating some money from their piggy banks or to do extra chores to earn extra money to donate.

The next day, Griffin opened a card from Grandma Laurie for Halloween. Inside the card was a two dollar bill. I asked Griffin what he wanted to get with his money, and he responded, "I want to put it in my water bottle." I immediately told him how proud I was that he made that decision. He quite simply replied, "Mom, there are kids who need clean water, and I want to help them."

While I was so very proud of his decision, I was more overwhelmed with gratitude for our church. Brandon and I love being involved with EBC from an adult stand-point, but we are consistently blown away with the ministry for kids. We are blessed that our kids see caring adults each and every weekend who truly aim to help us raise our kids to be followers of Christ. For that, I am forever grateful.

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