Monday, November 7, 2011

Allergy Update

We finally had Griffin's re-check appointment at the allergy/asthma specialist today. I knew going into the appointment that something was going to get changed. While his breathing treatments seem to be working for the most part, he still has had a pretty consistent cough and/or cold. His eyes continue to be a little bloodshot, and the bags under his eyes weren't really improving. (His dark circles are from sinus issues not lack of sleep).

After some discussion and such, it was determined that Griffin is going to start Immunotherapy, which is more commonly known as allergy shots. While I am not thrilled that my five year old is going to endure four shots every week for a while, I am confident that the doctor is doing what he thinks is best. (Okay, I checked with the internet and Dr. Papa Tom before being 100% confident.) I can only hope that it makes more of a difference than the numerous medications he started back in September. Unfortunately, we won't see an improvement right away, so the doctor did change a few medications for some immediate relief. The interesting part will be how he reacts to one of the medications, as it is likely to make him quite drowsy for 1-2 weeks before his body gets used to it. If only I could send a video camera to school...

Through all of this, I continue to be thankful for good health insurance. Each time I pick up his medications at the pharmacy, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to have a job I love that provides fantastic benefits. Griffin's one medication alone (he is on a total of 5 regularly and one extra for flare-ups) would be over $300 a month if I didn't have insurance. And when I checked with the insurance company today, his allergy shots are completely covered under our plan. I know how rare good health coverage is, and I couldn't be more grateful.

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