Saturday, April 23, 2011

Griffin's New Routine

This past Monday, Griffin gave us a scare with his asthma. While he was diagnosed with asthma a long time ago (age 1), he has never had too many problems. His controller medicine has always kept his wheezing at bay, and his rescue inhaler has stopped anything from being too serious. Unfortunately, Monday changed all that. After taking him to Urgent Care and being ushered right back without waiting, it was determined that his pulse oxygen level was only at 92. After a nebulizer treatment and a dose of steroids at the doctor's office, he improved significantly, and we were sent home with a nebulizer to keep at our house. For the past week, we have hooked Griffin up with this machine every 4-6 hours. While his symptoms have improved, at his check-up yesterday, it was determined that he is still wheezing, and his lungs are still fairly constricted. He was placed on another round of steroids, and we now have a new controller medicine. Here's to hoping we don't have another scary Monday!


  1. Oh man, that IS scary!!! I didn't realize he had an asthma diagnosis at 1. Hopefully this will help and no more scary Mondays is right!!!!

  2. Griffin,
    SO PROUD OF YOU! Can't wait to see you and watch you drive the race car on your Wii console. Give your brother, Mother And Father a big hug from me and tell everyone how much I love them. See you soon. Love Ya, Papa Bill