Saturday, February 12, 2011


Our second born, our little peanut, is a LARGE package in a small body. He is more energetic, more mischievous, and perhaps more cunning than any little child I know.

Despite the fact that he is not quite two years old, he is already trying to creatively get out of punishments. Here are a few examples:

  • Me: Grayson, TIME OUT! We do not hit our brothers. (walk him over to corner)
  • Grayson: Cow says, "Moooo!"


  • Me: Grayson, TIME OUT! We do not spit out our milk. (walk him over to corner)
  • Grayson: Eat chicken?

Now, this might sound strange to you. But here's what is happening. Because Grayson was a little behind in his speech, we are constantly praising him for speaking or remembering phrases. Same with food. We have to go overboard with excitement when he eats a new food or eats a normal amount. He knows that we get excited when he does either one of those things. So, what does he do with that knowledge? He tries to distract us from our frustration over his behavior and avert our attention to the positive things. Yep. Genius at two.

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