Friday, February 18, 2011

23 Months

I am taking a break from writing a paper for Grad School to update you on our huggable, lovable Grayson. I swear that he changes or learns something new every day, and it is a joy to watch him take in the world around him. I am convinced he will forever be a peanut (23 months = 23 lbs. 8oz.), but he doesn't let his size get in the way of his BIG personality. Our second son keeps us on our toes, and he provides CONSTANT entertainment.

Recently, he has begun to say two and three word sentences. His verbal growth has made it a lot easier for him to express his desires, and he is not shy about doing so:) I hear "want this" or "get this" as he points to something he wishes to have in his hands. "All done" is spoken at the dinner table, along with banana, juice, milk, cheese, chicken, apple, snack (fruit snack), and bar (nutri-grain bar). I am quite proud of his ability to say please and thank you, and I love hearing him say "brudder" (brother) and "grikkin" (Griffin). Both boys share a room now, and most nights Grayson gets sad when he must go to bed by himself. I regularly find him standing in his crib, as he points to Griffin's bed and says, "Where's Grikkin?" He sometimes even shouts across the room when he wakes up, "Griffin, Up!" My favorite thing to watch is when he covers his eyes with his hands and says "Where Grayson Go?" Seconds later he will take his hands away and say, "There is!" He then wants us to do the same.

This boy does not lack energy. He is now strong enough to take the cushions off our couch, and he loves to bounce from the couch to the floor. His favorite activity as of late is to slide down the stairs holding a kickboard. While some might disagree with letting their children do this, I am of the opinion that boys need to explore their surroundings and learn how to handle their bodies. And boy, does Grayson explore!!!

In one month, the so-called terrible two's will enter our household. We will be celebrating by using up some energy at Pump it Up!

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