Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can I still call him my baby?

My youngest son, my littlest man, my baby, is already 9+ months old! I can hardly believe that in less than three months, Grayson Andrew will be a year old. While I try my best to wish for time to stand still so that I can cherish his "babyness," it isn't quite working. As I pack away more and more clothes that no longer fit, I am reminded that his childhood will always move quickly; the only thing I can do is try to slow down myself and take the time to live in each moment.

On Christmas Eve morning, Grayson had his nine month check-up. Weighing 18lbs. 2 oz. and being 28 inches tall, he still remains smaller than most his age. However, developmentally, he is about two months ahead of where Griffin was at his age. In true second sibling fashion, he is trying to keep up with his brother! This little man also has way more chompers than most do at his age! Currently, he is sporting eight teeth! The good news is that because he has so many teeth, he is able to eat more finger foods! In the area of talking, he can say mama and dada, and I swear when he says "nana" he means no. Being able to pull himself up on anything presents more challenges for Brandon and me. Gates are at both the top and the bottom of the stairs, and more childproofing is happening every day now that he can also open drawers and cabinets.

He currently loves his play table and walker/rider from Grandma Laurie. He is also good at independent play. I can be in the kitchen or doing some coloring with Griffin for a good chunk of time while Grayson occupies himself with his toys. All he needs is a smile from one of us every now and then, and he is content! Yes, I do know how lucky I am:)

Enjoy the pictures of my favorite nine month old little boy!

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