Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Ready...

Our house is almost ready for Baby Dunigan #2:) The 3rd bedroom is nearing completion, and slowly but surely friends and family are helping us get the house organized enough to welcome a second baby. Since he is nearing the turning point of being healthy upon birth, I submitted my thesis, and a long-term sub has finally taken over my classroom, I am officially ready to have this precious boy arrive! (Well, I would like a couple more weeks, but close enough!)

The pictures above assure us that Griffin is ready for his new baby brother too. My friend was over yesterday with her twins, and Griffin was in 7th Heaven. He is still talking about "Erica's babies."


  1. LOVE IT!!! Wow, sounds like you are READY friend! Congratulations on submitting your thesis...I'm proud of you. (And doing all your long term sub plans, no easy task.) I also loved seeing a glimpse of Erica's babies...please tell her hello for me!

  2. Yeah Yeah yeah! I wanna see pics of the baby room!!!! :)