Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blessed with amazing friends...

As most of you know, Kelsey is the only family we have living with us here in MN. As a result, Brandon and I have had to do many things without the help of our parents and siblings. Yes, living in MN was our choice, but it doesn't make it any easier. Yesterday, it became amazingly obvious that we do have family here in MN, our friends. 

One of the biggest challenges during bed rest has been taking care of Griffin. Prior to my hospital stay, I was still able to take Griffin to and from day care and take care of him at home for a few hours at a time. Unfortunately, the doctor and nurses told me on Tuesday morning that this was no longer a good idea. As a result, I began stressing out about how Brandon was going to be able to take on so many additional tasks in addition to being in the midst of tax season. Without ever even verbalizing this stress, my friends realized we were in need of help. 

Last night I received an email from our small group bible study informing me that a schedule was being put into place to help out with taking Griffin to and from day care, taking him out to play, cooking meals, and cleaning our house. Additional friends contacted me wanting to help out as well. I am still in awe that there are friends in our life who are willing to alter/flex their work schedule and put aside their own complications in life to come help my family out. Between having a wonderful sister-in-law and our group of friends, I know that we will get through this time in our life, and all will be okay. God really is amazing, isn't He?

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  1. If I was there, I would be ALL up in your grill to help out.