Sunday, September 28, 2014

Final Pre-Race Update

T-7 Days!

First off, THANK you for bearing with me as I continually post, fill your inbox, and flood your Facebook page with updates about Team World Vision. I could not have made it through 17+ weeks of training without your encouragement and support. This will be my final pre-race update! I promise to only fill your inbox one last time post-race...this year anyway :)

Second, I still need your help to get to race day. My achilles is still not 100%, so I covet your prayers. What's worse, my closest teammate, Scott, is also injured. He took a nasty fall on Friday night, and at this moment, he is still not sure he can even run on race day. If you could pray for physical and mental healing, I would be forever grateful. To those of you already praying, THANK YOU!

Third, I would love your support on race day if possible. I have said it before, and I will say it again...the spectators last year really helped me cross the finish line. Seeing my family and friends throughout the course was AMAZING. If you are in town, I promise you will have fun. Cheering on runners might not sound like fun, but trust me, it is. Even for non-runners. Make signs, bring cow bells, yell loudly. It makes a difference. My goal is to keep a pace of 9:45/mile if that helps you decide when and where to go :)

Fourth, THANK YOU to those of you have already sponsored me financially. At this moment, I have raise $2,985 dollars. That means that 59 people will now have clean water FOR LIFE because of my family and friends. WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD, PEOPLE! LITERALLY!!! I am so honored and humbled. I have been brought to tears many times during this fundraising journey. Bono once said, "We can be the generation that no longer accepts that an accident of latitude and longitude determines whether a child lives or dies." I truly believe that now. Together we are solving the clean water crisis.

Fifth, there is still time to support me! If you are willing and able, click below to learn more about Team World Vision's impact and to donate to TWV on my behalf. THANK YOU!!!

Thankful to do life with such wonderful people,

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