Monday, August 4, 2014

Andrew and Samuel Visit

We were blessed with a visit from Andrew and Samuel this weekend. They arrived late Friday afternoon, and we immediately set out for some fun! First stop...Paddle Boating and Canoeing! We are lucky to live in a subdivision that encourages physical activity and outdoor fun, so we were able to rent both boats for free and set off in our little lake. Later that night we had a fondue dinner; the cheese fondue was AMAZING, and it was easy to make :) On Saturday, Andrew and I went out for an early morning run. We ran 16 miles together, and he ran an extra 4 by himself. I thought I was a crazy runner, but he has me beat :) Andrew was adamant that we eat at Leann Chin while he was here, so we stopped there for lunch. We then headed off to REI and to the MOA for some rides. All three boys fell fast asleep after a bedtime story courtesy of Andrew. No adults were allowed to listen :( Sunday morning was low key, but we did get to video chat with the Fargo Clan before Andrew and Samuel headed home. Fun was had by all!
 Andrew and I saw a few dear on our run.

 Grayson trying to be like his big cousin :)
 The best picture I could get of this one...

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