Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Write...

My children are currently taking a shower. By themselves. My children are old enough to bathe themselves. When did that happen? When did my little men stop needing me so much?

I stare out the window and LONG to go for another spring run. Tax season is almost over. That longing will soon become reality.

Disappointment is hard. But learning from disappointment is a necessary skill in life. Humility. Grace. Growth. All things I need to work on. All things that can stem from disappointment.

Summer is less than ten weeks away. TEN weeks until I get to spend quality time with my babies each and every day. Ten weeks until I get to have massive amounts of play dates with other mommies. Er. I mean with other kids. It's all about the kids.

Did I mention my children are bathing by themselves?

I wonder how wet my floor is...

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