Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Influenza A

We found on on Friday that Griffin has Influenza A. All of us but Brandon were vaccinated against this the first day the vaccine was available, but he still got it. Multiple people, including the Urgent Care doctor, tried to reprimand me for not getting the shot, but we did. We just happen to be special I guess, as this is the third illness Griffin has contracted during his short six years of life that he was vaccinated against.

Unfortunately, Influenza A isn't very fun. He had a high fever for a few days, his body hurt, and he has a nasty cough. Thankfully he is MUCH better, but it has taken quite a few days to get there. Both Brandon and I got sick as well, but Grayson seems to be perfectly fine.

The best part of this has been the extra time spent with Griffin. The doctors told him he had to stay out of school and other public places for a week. I took off of work on Friday and Tuesday, and I loved cuddling, doing arts and crafts, and watching movies with him.With my hectic schedule, it was nice to be forced to slow down. It hasn't been easy staying locked up in the house for a week, but his quarantine is almost over. Just in time for THANKSGIVING!

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