Friday, May 18, 2012


Since Christmas, we have occasionally asked Grayson if he wanted to wear big boy underwear. He would always say no. Most often he would respond, "I just wear diapers." Once in January, he did say yes, so we let him wear a pair. After an hour he wet through the underwear, and he was completely mortified. We received emphatic "NO's!" every time we asked him after that. We never really trained Griffin (he simply asked to wear big boy underwear like his friend Peter, and that was the end of that), and our pediatrician always told me to never push a child. She would tell me that when a kid is ready, they will just do it, and it should never take more than a day or two to train them. So, we listened and never pushed. We asked every couple of weeks if he wanted to wear big boy underwear, and the answer was always the same.

After day care on Friday, I asked Grayson if he wanted to wear big boy underwear again. This time I got a "Sure, yeah." So, we put them on. He had a little trouble remembering to take the underwear off when he sat down the first couple of times, but after that, he was good to go. After only two days of wearing big boy underwear, he made it through the day at day care and at home completely accident free. He even used a public bathroom when we were at the doctor's office! We listened to our doctor, and it worked :) He isn't perfect yet, but we no longer have diapers.

I was all excited, until it hit me. No more onesies. The last piece of evidence that Grayson was my baby...gone. And that my friends, is bittersweet.

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