Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learning to Read

Griffin is definitely learning to read. He understands how words are put together, and everywhere we go I can hear him trying to sound out new words. While he only knows a few basic phonics rules, I am already amazed at how many three and four letter words he can sound out and ultimate read. Just today, after asking what sound the "sh" makes, he was able to figure out and read the word finish.

I have tried to record words he has sounded out for me. They are:
  • top
  • cat
  • pat
  • up
  • help
  • mop
  • rock
  • bell
  • kick
  • bad
  • hand
  • bat
  • egg
  • belt
  • fell
  • hop
  • finish
I continue to be so proud of the progress he is making in Kindergarten. I am beyond amazed that his Kindergarten teacher can run a class full of 23 five and six year old children for an entire school day. It is obvious, though, that she is doing something right!

Griffin, your world just got exponentially bigger. The power to read changes everything, little man. It changes everything.

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