Sunday, January 16, 2011

Written Update

January is starting off wonderfully for the MN Dunigans. While we continue to get more snow than I would like, we are all safe and loving life. Our two little boys are keeping us busy, and they never cease to amaze me with their wit, humor, mischievous behavior, and unconditional love. Brandon and I try hard to go out on the occasional date and spend time together after the boys go to bed. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done sometimes.

Tax season has begun, and I am already counting down the days for it to be over:( Taking care of two boys by myself is exhausting, and it is difficult to be by myself after the kiddos go to bed. However, I am blessed with many times throughout the week where I can simply take a step back and relish this alone time with them. I may complain, but having quality time with my boys truly is a gift. They are growing up so fast, and I am thankful to have time to just watch them change before my eyes.

With that being said, I often wish I owned a pause button. In two short months, Grayson will be two years old, and I can hardly wrap my head around that. TWO! Pretty soon when people ask me how old my children are, I will be able to say that my boys are four and two. Really. It just can't be:(

Being a parent of two young boys continually fascinates me. I oscillate from being frustrated to being beyond entertained in a matter of seconds. It boggles my mind how boys learn to do "boy" things without ever really being told how. It amazes me how quickly Griffin and Grayson can go from fighting over a toy (when we have millions) to hugging and wrestling. I love watching each brother show so much concern for the other in a variety of situations. It surprises me how they can be so different in so many ways, yet they share so many similarities too. But most of all, right now in this place, I love being needed. I love when they wrap their arms tightly around me seeking comfort. I love kissing them goodnight. I love tickle fits, bath splashing, and the laughter that can only come from childhood joy and zeal. While it has its frustrations, I am cherishing the time when my boys need me because I know that this time is short-lived. I know I say this a lot, both aloud, and on this blog, but sometimes we all need reminding that we will miss this. This time. This place. It will one day be missed.

So, tonight, I smile. And I look forward to tomorrow when I have a day off from work to spend time with my two little loves.

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