Sunday, October 17, 2010

Caribou Pre-School

What? You didn't know that Caribou has a preschool? Well, it does:)

I have been struggling this year with the fact that Griffin will never attend preschool. Because Brandon and I both have full-time jobs, it is nearly impossible for our boys to attend preschool unless we completely uproot them from Gail's house. While I know Griffin is a social butterfly, and he practices following directions in Kid-O-Deo, it made me nervous that he would never have a routine, structured, school-like atmosphere before entering Kindergarten next year.

Viola! Caribou preschool. Starting today, Griffin and I will be attending Caribou once a week for an hour of one-on-one preschool time. He has a backpack and everything. The two of us practiced our numbers and letters and did some reading, but his favorite part was doing workbook stuff like finding the unalike object or figuring out which pictures represented certain numbers. Now, I know this isn't the same as going to preschool, but for one whole hour, Griffin received one-on-one academic attention, and he LIKED it. He was attentive, and he wants to do it again. And I get Caribou out of the deal. I'm convinced it's my best idea yet:)

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