Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Updates!

As usual, the boys are keeping us busy:) After a few days of fevers for both, everyone is healthy. I am pleased to report that I never got sick, which is a very rare occurrence!

Both boys are still adjusting to life at Gail's again, but hopefully by the end of this week all will be normal. Grayson is having the hardest time getting used to being around so many kids, and he isn't napping as well as he should. As a result, he gets a little cranky and then sleeps too much at home. I don't mind him sleeping at home except that we don't get to see him. So, here's to hoping his schedule gets back to normal soon:)

Grayson cut his second tooth yesterday! It doesn't seem to bother him as much as the first, so that is always helpful. We also started introducing a few foods. He still can't eat more than a little bit every now and then because of his slow weight gain, but we are having fun seeing how he reacts. I actually started making my own baby food, and so far he likes everything I have made: peas, sweet potatoes, and peaches.

Griffin and I hit up the park the other day as a last hurrah before school started. He is now big enough to do all the park activities, and it was fun to see him navigate everything. He also continues to make us laugh with his funny quotes. Here are a few from the last few days...

"I'll let you know when the clock says it's time to put my pants on."

"Mom, you are driving like a crazy bus driver."

"Where's Federer? That's not Roger!"

"I totally just hurt my leg."

Happy picture viewing!

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